Fotbalový stadion Brno

1. FC Brno, Football stadium, Brno

Projektová fakta:

  • Brno, Česká republika
  • Sportovní zařízení (venkovní/vnitřní)
  • Dokončení: 2008

Uponor participace

  • 9440
Heating grass playing surfaces Uponor keeps playing surface throughout the year in optimum conditions, ie. free of ice and snow. Excellent and stable conditions are dream of every professional athlete. The heating pipe loops are implemented Meltaway Uponor PE-X 25 x 2.3 mm. Total installed about 38 km of pipelines. Uponor pipe manifolds are made ​​from HDPE (as needed supplied in 50 x 4.6 mm - 200 x 11.4 mm). Pipe connection to manifolds is realized by special plastic fasteners Rosex. Parts of manifolds are connected pipe butt welding. All system components are plumbing Meltaway of plastic materials, ie. Unlike competing ways of dealing with it is absolutely excluded the possibility of corrosion. Serves as a source of heat exchange station. The system is filled with antifreeze.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             

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Česká republika

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Typ budovy
Sportovní zařízení (venkovní/vnitřní)

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Uponor Meltaway
Uponor Neva


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