Projektová fakta:

  • Bremerhaven, Německo
  • Kancelářská budova
  • Dokončení: 2009

Uponor participace

  • 10.000 m PE-MDX Pipe
The exhibition represents nine locations from seven countries on four continents and the most important climate zones, ranging from the Antarctica (-6° C) to the desert (+38°C). Technologies like concrete core activation, coupling of power, heat and coldness and natural ventilation have been put to best use in this holistically-planned object. For heating and cooling the developers decide for the Uponor stapler system. Total 10.000 metres of PE-MDX pipes were installed. Due to the flexible pipe laying, this solution is suitable for all spaces and provides full surface radiant heating. In addition, the project utilised Uponor’s HSE planning software for technical building equipment from preplanning to implementation. The CAD programme enables rapid, efficient, easy and standard calculation for heating surface design, heat input, heating pipe network and drinking water, helping professionals carry out the work correctly.

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Klimahaus Betriebsgesellschaft mbH Am Längengrad 8 27568 Bremerhaven Germany +49 471- 902030-0 +49 471- 902030-99 <a href=""></a>


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Kancelářská budova

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Uponor Tacker


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